Failure To Register

Arrested in Massachusetts for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender?

Registering as a Massachusetts sex offender with the local police is required if you’ve been convicted of any sexual offense.

Failure to register is frequently a trap offense. Requiring to register may severely restrict the places you can legally live.

The police may claim you didn’t register in time, or that they we’re satisfied that you registered in time. They may claim you used the wrong address, or your registration was incomplete. They may claim that you registered someplace that is not a permanent address if your name isn’t on the lease.

Failing to Register Penalties

According to Massachusetts Sexual Offender Law, you are subject to 6 months in jail if found guilty of failing to register.

The unfortunate fact is that even though you’ve served your time, you have to provide your address on a permanent basis. And your address can be published in a newspaper and be put on the internet. It can cause you to be harassed and embarrassed by your neighbors. It’ can be incredibly difficult to have a sexual registry following you around.

A good attorney can help protect you from some of the many difficulties you fact in Massachusetts for failing to register as a sex offender. Call me to discuss your situation, and I’ll let you know right away what I can do to help.

Failure to Register Defense Strategies

Many local MA police departments are extremely tough on registered sex offenders and their requirements, often bordering on harassment. They can and will make it difficult for you to find a legal residence at which to register.

You may be trying your best to comply with the law, and be thwarted by police harassment! You just need to find a way to comply in some degree to get them off your back.

It’s possible to register as homeless if you are moving from place to place. In some cases, the logical thing to do may be to move to another town where the police won’t be constantly following you around.

A Mass Defense Lawyer to Protect Your Legal Rights

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