Indecent Assault

Indecent Assault is a serious charge in Massachusetts, carrying with it tremendous risks of severe penalties if not handled properly.  According to the Massachusetts Laws, Indecent Assault is when you place your hands on a person in an inappropriate or sexual manner.

A conviction for indecent assault may require you to be included in a sexual registry, as well as potential jail time. You need an experienced defense lawyer involved in the case to work with you and protect your rights as quickly as possible.

How to Beat Indecent Assault Charges in MA

The best way to try to fight an assault case is to try to get the charges reduced to a simple assault charge. If the sexual element of the charges can be removed, you are only facing a misdemeanor, the likelihood of getting a dismissal becomes much greater. If it is reduced to a misdemeanor assault, in some cases I can even get the case remanded to a clerk’s hearing, and from there there is a chance to have the case voided entirely.

Beyond that, I am always prepared to file a full range of motions to dismiss, or motions to suppress the evidence against you on legal and constitutional grounds. The motions I will file depend on the specific facts of your case.

I will use all my experience in fighting these charges to keep your record clean and keep you from being listed as a registered sex offender.

When we talk, I’ll go over the police report with you, and I’ll give you my honest opinion and the benefit of my years of criminal defense experience in indence assault cases helping people just like you. I’ll tell you upfront how good I think your case is, and what I can do to fight for you. And I’ll do all this for free, and with absolutely no obligation.

Free Legal Consultation on Criminal Charges of Indecent Assault

If you are facing indecent assault charges, sexual assault, assault and battery, or any another criminal offense, call me now at my office in Braintree to arrange a phone consultation or an in-person meeting. There is no obligation.