Possession Of Cocaine

When you are accused of a criminal charge like cocaine possession, it can be scary to think about the potential outcomes. You could be facing prison time, fines, and a permanent criminal record. In addition to these legal penalties, such criminal charges can cause untold damage to your reputation and your personal and professional relationships. It’s during this difficult time that you need a local defense lawyer on your side.

You may admit to possessing cocaine; maybe you actually need help. While being arrested isn’t the best way to acknowledge a problem and get help, it can be a wake-up call.

I also defend many people who are completely innocent of drug possession charges. Maybe the cocaine wasn’t yours or perhaps you were holding it for someone else. Whatever the circumstance, we may be able to help. From negotiating a plea agreement where you receive drug treatment to fighting to have the charges dismissed, we are local attorney’s here as your advocate when your back is against the wall.

Massachusetts Cocaine Possession Laws & Penalties

Under Massachusetts law, cocaine, whether crack cocaine or powder coke is considered a Class B Controlled Substance. Possession of a Class B substance can result in up to one year in jail for a first offense. For a second offense, you can face up to 2 years in jail.

You will also face a mandatory 1-year loss of your driver’s license for any drug conviction. Even if you were nowhere near a car when charged. (This driver’s license suspension was repealed!)

For a first offense possession of cocaine charge, actual jail time is extremely unlikely. If you have an otherwise clean criminal record, we can often figure out a way to avoid a conviction on your criminal record.

I’d be happy to discuss strategies and options to either beat the charges, or work to avoid a permanent criminal record in a consultation.

Drug Possession Defense Strategies

Many people don’t understand what constitutes “possession”. Possession of a controlled substance simply means that the drug was under your control. It doesn’t have to be in your pocket or your bra, simply having it next to you or even on your property is enough for a possession charge. Even if a friend stashes drugs under the passenger seat of your car, you can face possession charges.

Fortunately, a criminal charge is not the same as a criminal conviction—you have options.

The defense strategy used in your case is dependent on the circumstances of your case and decisions that are best for your and your unique situation. My job as your attorney is to protect your rights at every stage of the game—this could mean challenging the search that led to your arrest or even challenging the arrest itself.

If you know you are innocent of the charges, you want to know that I will fight diligently for your good name in court. Even if you think you are guilty, if can often make sense to fight the charges – if your rights were violated or the proper police procedures weren’t followed, then you are not guilty under the eyes of Massachusetts law.

If you are prepared to admit guilt and face the consequences, you need at attorney who will help you avoid the worst potential penalties allowable under Massachusetts law. Everyone makes mistakes, and you don’t deserve to be unfairly punished out of proportion to what is right. Everyone deserves a second chance to get their life back together.

If you are charged with cocaine possession, contact me today. I may be able to help you fix the most of this serious legal situation. Call today for a free consultation.

Get a Free Legal Consultation on Massachusetts Cocaine Laws & Penalties

If you are facing a cocaine possession charge or any drug offense in Massachusetts, contact me for a free case evaluation.

I have fought countless drug possession cases and am committed to getting the best possible results for my clients. I will fight for a dismissal or any alternative to a conviction and permanent criminal record.

And I’ll always be straight with you, so you’ll know where you stand and what you can reasonably expect in court. So contact me today to find out what I can do to help you.