Arrested in Massachusetts for Operating an Uninsured Vehicle?

Yes. And there are a million ways for either the registry to screw this up, or for you to make an honest mistake. It can happen as a result of a faulty notification, or an out of state error after transferring your license and registration to Massachusetts

And the penalties for driving while uninsured in MA can be significant.

A guilty plea or verdict on a Massachusetts criminal charge of operating an uninsured vehicle carries with it the penalties or a license suspension for 60 days, as well as significant insurance penalty and other potential costs. For a second offense charge, they will suspend your license for a year.

It’s not uncommon to have these cases as a result of an insurance company screw-up that is not your fault. If that is the case, and you are a person who never imagined in a million years that they would be facing a criminal charge in court, you need an experienced attorney to help you work through this mess and keep your record clean.

But I can help fix this problem. Call me for a free consultation on a criminal citation for driving an uninsured vehicle in Massachusetts.

If you’ve received a criminal citation to a clerk magistrate’s hearing, we can fight these cases and win, and keep your record clean.

This is what I do. I am in different courts every day, defending my clients rights and freedom on criminal motor vehicle charges and other criminal matters.

If you’ve been charged with Operating an Uninsured Vehicle, or any other auto or accident related criminal traffic charge in Massachusetts, you need someone who will fight for your rights.

By calling, you have nothing to lose. I’ll be happy to talk with you and discuss your case before you decide if you want to hire me. Either way, you’ll get some free advice. Defending people accused of crimes is what I do for a living. Call to set up a free consultation now.