Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle in Massachusetts

Don’t let a Massachusetts Criminal Charge Ruin Your Life!

Charged with Negligent Operation or Driving to Endanger in Massachusetts?

A guilty verdict on the Massachusetts criminal charge of Negligent Operation of a motor vehicle, Operating to Endanger, or Driving to Endanger carries with it potentially serious penalties, including a criminal record that could follow you for the rest of your life.

All for what you probably thought was a simple traffic ticket. But don’t give up, we can fight the charge, and win.

I’ve successfully defended many criminal motor vehicle offense, and I can often get a dismissal or the charges voided entirely, especially in cases where there is no damage or injury.

There are a number of different defenses for an Operating to Endanger or Negligent Operation charges.

To prove you guilty of these charges, the Commonwealth must prove that you were:

  1. Operating the Vehicle
  2. On a public way, and
  3. did so negligently, or so as to endanger.

How to Beat a Negligent Operation or Driving to Endanger Charge

How to Beat Your Clerk Magistrate's Hearing

How to Beat Your Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing

My defense strategies in these cases really vary depending on the specifics facts of the case against you. My initial goal is always to get the entire case dismissed or voided for lack of evidence at a clerk magistrate’s (show cause) hearing.

I win a lot of cases at clerk magistrate’s hearings. In fact, I wrote a book on winning at these hearings.

Beating the case at a clerk’s hearing is the best outcome. It means the charge goes away as if it never happened.

And it is often possible to win at these hearings even when you are pretty sure you are guilty.

We fight and win a lot of these cases. When a dismissal is not possible, I’m always prepared to fight the case at trial, or negotiate for a Continuance Without a Finding (CWOF) to avoid having a guilty conviction on your record.

Negligent Operation is also a frequent element of an OUI charge. Poor or dangerous driving is commonly cited as the initial reason why someone is pulled over and later charged with OUI. If we work out a plea deal on a drunk driving charge, and a NegOp is attached, the penalties for each can typically be run concurrently, therefore, there is no additional probation time or additional penalties incurred.

I’d be happy to discuss your case with you free of charge, and give you the benefit of my experience in beating these cases. I’ll go over the police report with you and lay out what I think your chances are to beat the case, and what strategies I would employ if you decide to hire me. Call for a free consultation.


I am in different courts every day, defending my clients rights and freedom on criminal motor vehicle charges and other criminal matters. If you’ve been charged with Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle / Operating to Endanger, or any other auto or accident related criminal charge in Massachusetts, such as Reckless Driving, Operating an Uninsured Vehicle, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, or Operating on a Suspended License, you need someone who will fight for your rights. Call me to speak about your charge.

By calling, you have nothing to lose. I’ll be happy to talk with you and discuss your case before you decide if you want to hire me. Defending people accused of crimes is what I do for a living. Call to set up a free consultation now.