Criminal Record

How to Get a Copy of Your Own Massachusetts Criminal Record (CORI)


For a copy of your own criminal record, this form must be notarized OR signed by a correctional facility official and mailed to our office with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Please be advised that if you have requested a copy of your own criminal record for the purpose of employment the most recent amendment to the C.O.R.I. law states that:

“…except as authorized by this chapter it shall be unlawful to request or require a person to provide a copy of his criminal offender record information (C.O.R.I.)” (Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 6, Section 172)

In order for any person, governmental agency or business to access a person’s criminal record, they must make application to this agency, be certified by the Criminal History Systems Board and have your written approval. The general public may request a person’s criminal record under the public access law. This law allows conviction information on persons who have recently been involved with the criminal justice system following a conviction. This information is available to anyone, including an employer, without the consent of the person whose record is being obtained.

Your completed form should include a self-addressed, stamped envelope and be mailed to:

200 Arlington St.
Suite 2200, Room 211
Chelsea, MA 02150

Link to Massachusetts Criminal Record Request Form.

CORI Reform

For the facts on recent Massachsetts CORI reform, you need to know that the rules are changing, and that misdemeanor records over 5 years on, and felony records over 10 years old will not be available to employers, assuming no other trouble with the law happens in that time period.

How to Obtain Juvenile/Youthful Offender Records

To get a record of offenses prior to your 17th birthday, make the request in writing to:

Office of the Commissioner of Probation
One Ashburton Place, Room 405
Boston, MA 02108-1612
Attn: Juvenile/Youthful Offender Records

The following information is required:
Address: (home address only)
Soc Sec:

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