Forgery is the act of intentionally counterfeiting / forging a document, most often a check. If convicted of forgery, it carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison or 2 years in jail.

Uttering false or forged records is the act of attempting to pass off the forgery in an attempt to defraud. It is a separate crime that carries a sentence of up to 2 years in jail, or 10 years in prison.

Forgery Defense Strategies

As with any criminal offense, the state must prove all elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. If you are accuse of forging or uttering a check, title, deed, certificate, or other legal documents or records, you need a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you map out the exact strategy that is best for your specific circumstances. Call for a free consultation, and I’ll tell you what I can do to help.

If you are charged with forgery, uttering false or forged records, or another criminal offense, call me today to speak about your charges, and how I may be able to help.


Section 1: False or forged records, certificates, returns, attestations and other writings

Section 5: Uttering false or forged records, deeds or other writings