Massachusetts Physicians And The New Medical Marijuana Regulations

Massachusetts Physicians and the New Medical Marijuana Regulations

Now that permanent regulations governing the distribution and use of medical marijuana have been adopted by the Massachusetts Department of Health (DOH), all physicians and patients must carefully comply with these guidelines. After all, it’s still a violation of federal law to buy, use or sell marijuana. As part our our continuing series examining the new medical marijuana law as part of changes to Massachusetts drug laws, let’s examine how it affects medical practitioners.

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Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Regulations:  Key Definitions

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Regulations: Key Definitions

Now that the state of Massachusetts has finalized its regulations governing the sale of medical marijuana, it’s important to understand the definitions  If you are interested in the use of medical pot, or the legal infrastructure around it’s availability, it requires a bit of reading. The good news is that the state seems to have done a reasonably thorough job of mapping out the path to medical marijuana in Massachusetts.

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Mass Supreme Judicial Court: Sharing A Joint Not A Crime

Mass Supreme Judicial Court: Sharing a Joint Not a Crime

In light of the 2009 law that decriminalized possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, people have felt a bit more free to have pot on them without risking a jail sentence. Still, questions and challenges within the courts were inevitable and a few recent rulings from the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts have served to clear a few things up.

Firstly, it is not against the law to share a joint.

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Medical Marijuana In Massachusetts Like “Wild West” Without Regulations

Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts like “Wild West” Without Regulations

Voters passed legislation for medical marijuana in Massachusetts several months ago, but the Commonwealth is taking a while to get their ducks in a row when it comes to regulating the new industry. The Department of Public Health initially said it would be ready with regulations by May 1. Now they have backed off that promise, saying instead they will try to aim for the date, or as close to it as possible.

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Medical Marijuana Law Needs To Be Implemented Promptly

Medical Marijuana Law Needs to be Implemented Promptly

Many Massachusetts cities are towns are hoping to slow down or stop the medical marijuana ballot initiative passed by Massachusetts voters in November of 2012. The state’s voters legalized, by a wide margin, the dispensing of medical marijuana to ease the pain of those with serious medical conditions like ALS, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. A physician can prescribe marijuana for medical use, and a patient receives a registration card allowing them a 60 day supply. From the start, there is no ‘carte blanche,’ no unlimited access. 

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