Lawyer Costs

Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Fees & Costs

I’m sure that you didn’t expect to need a lawyer. Getting arrested and hiring a defense lawyer is not something most people put in their household budget. I charge reasonable, flat fees for my services so you know exactly what it is going to cost you, before you decide to hire me.

My fees vary based on the complexity and seriousness of the case, and the number of court dates I expect it will take to resolve it. As I said, I’ll absolutely quote you a specific fee once we’ve spoken, and I understand more about your needs. Call me to set up a free, no-obligation  consultation. I’ll explain what you are facing, what I can do to help, and exactly what it will cost you.

I know you were hoping for exact rates listed here, but it isn’t that simple, and I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong impression either way.

But a lot of people do say it is less than they expected.  Most misdemeanor cases are a few thousand dollars, or less.

So call me to discuss your exact charges and your situation, and you will have the option of determining whether my fee is worth it.

For your convenience, I can accept checks, cash, and credit cards.


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